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Empowering Human Capital
Driving Business Growth 
Solving HR Problems

What We Do

People Bureau International is a Strategic Human Resources and service hub formed in response to individual and organisational needs for people - focused interventions, solutions & products for business improvements, growth-driven challenges and change. 

Our team of consultants are HR Specialists with expertise in Strategic HR, Transformation, Organisational Development, Change Management & HR Functional Enhancement driven by growth and other business challenges. 

Our goal is to provide effective advice & solutions designed to empower HR practitioners and managers so they can achieve their goals and add value to the organisation. 

Why Us?  

As consultants, we advise, provide services, support implementation, and solve problems to help our clients achieve their goals. For us, a 'job well done' is not only managing the challenges and executing the tasks well, but also when we're able to facilitate and advocate client-learning for organisational effectiveness.  

Business Meeting
People Strategy &
HR Advisory 

We offer support to help you and your organisation in dealing with people-challenges...
HR Training & Development
We provide bespoke trainings specifically for HR Professional or Practitioners who are upskilling and would like to broaden their practical understanding...
Management Coaching

We provide advice, guidance and operational assistance to people managers and business leaders.
People Technology

This is the era of e-Everything and we know that that this is an area where the opportunities are many...
Heart & Hands
Rubik's Cube

Certified & Experienced HR Leaders & 


Change, Transformation, Growth & People- Problem Solvers

Performance Management & Organisational Development Experts

People, Process & Technology Solutions Broker

Updates and Upcoming Programs


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