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7 Tips To Get Us Through Life During Pandemic

Being away from home for a while makes social distancing and self-isolating not as bad as I thought it would be with the help of current technology and flexibility of work. We can all agree that apart from many others, one downside of the Pandemic is its impact to our social interaction which makes most people feel generally unhappy. The situation compels everyone to make that decision for self-preservation against the need for social interaction - which enables us to lean to others at times, for moral and emotional support.

The experience of social distancing, quarantining, and isolating are totally new and necessitates the opposite to everything we are used to. This part is not easy. In addition, there are associated adversities brought by Covid 19 such as fatalities, economic downturn, job losses, healthcare issues, etc. We ask, where do we go from here?

I have come up with 7 optimistic views that help me look forward to the life in the new normal. I am sharing them to you as these may help you in making yours.

1. Do not look back. There is no point in looking back. Let us accept that despite the challenges brought by the Pandemic, we are here to stay and to survive. One thing that you would not want to become is being miserable and frustrated thinking that everything is going back to how it used to be. It may never come-this is the new normal, indeed! Think forward and reflect on how you could embrace the changes that are here to stay.

Social interactions will have new rules, but it will never go away. The world moves into progression and great thinkers always find ways on how things can be done better, they always do. Look at the mobile phones, internet, and telecommunications. It is true, we will all be looking at socialising and interacting differently from this time on. Meeting families and friends, attending events, and going to social gatherings require more preparation, care and time – but it will make the experience more important and meaningful, with more substance and memories to ponder on.

2. Cast your fears. We know that we all are dwelling with two greatest fears – the fear of the unknown and the fear of death from Covid 19. These are given. How we look at fear makes all the difference. Have the courage to find out what you will need and things you must do to conquer your fears. Knowledge will help us navigate and win the war overcoming any battle, employ it. Supply yourself with simple yet positive experiences and thoughts that will prepare you alongside courage. Remember that you are not on this alone.

A journey to the unknown shores needs a port, a ship, a wind; but more important than all of them: courage; courage to leave the known for the unknown! – Mehmet Murat Ildan

3. Look after yourself and your well-being. I know you have read so many things about this already but what I can add is that whatever worries we all have now, we can convert that energy to make a better version of ourselves. Be informed, learn new things, be healthy, take supplements and get some exercise of whatever form – it will make us feel better inside and out. Get enough sleep and eat the right food. I always think that I have lived half of my lifetime in roller coaster - amazing enough, and yet the world is still getting exciting. We do not want to miss how the future is going to transform things further. Nourish your soul with spiritual guidance. Start by accepting that there is Someone bigger and greater than all of us combined. Believe whatever will give you peace and love both for yourself and others.

4. Strategise your life plans and focus on the brighter side. One of the things that Pandemic had caused most of us, is ruin a certain aspect of our life plans. May it be our work, travel plans, business, and other projects - everything must change. If you have been laid off from work, have pay cuts or struggling with your business ventures which will put you on to financial crisis- you are not alone, many people are in this situation. Do not be afraid to assess your situation now, lean on your support system, adjust, and know the action plans to move forward and how you can carry them out. Do your 'homework' but do not be embarrassed to ask for help if you need one. The world is still full of good people who will be willing to help.

5. Re-evaluate your current position and find out how to stay relevant at work and in the society. Do whatever it takes to keep you going. Find out how to land a new job, study and learn something new or come up with a winning business idea that will sustain your personal, professional, and financial goals. Consider the current economy and see where you can find an opportunity or areas where you can add value on regardless of your skills - if it interests you, you can always learn the skills later. Evaluate the risks involved and the outcomes you envision. And when you are clear with both, take that leap of faith to do what could help you onboard your next journey. It may take some time, but it is NEVER and will never be too late. One step forward at a time will take you to your destination ultimately.

6. Gratitude. Be grateful. Recognise the two sets of people who are part of our lives, apart from our families. There are people who once believed in you but later puts you in misery, and then those who are still there for you no matter what, to see you through the next stage of your life’s adventures. Thank them and celebrate each milestone with them. Whatever actions you take or mistakes you made along the way will be your guide – to win. All the failures and misfortune that the Pandemic brought you will be forgotten once you achieved something new. Besides, with all the worries the world has been facing, who will have the time to judge you? You only need one shot to win, do not get tired of trying harder and a lot more to get to where you want to be.

7. Listen more, care more. When you listen more, you can learn more. Ask bold questions and respect other opinions. Value your time and so others' time. Be humble and care more to all the people around you. Sometimes just being there listening to someone you care about is enough to change your perspective.

We all have the chance to do great and crazy things that may change the world and the worst thing that we can do is to give up! You have one life to live, take care of it. Whatever situation you are in now, never give up! Mahatma Gandhi said, “there is more to life than increasing its speed.” Take time in your own pace and trust that good things are coming our way!


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