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Total Rewards 

What We Do

We support companies and organisations on their compensation would and rewards, incentives, various bonuses and performance bonus analysis and framework creation.   


We help the businesses come up their pay strategy that is aligned to their overall organisational goals. We also support the management in referring  to a salary scale for different levels and classify the salary scale  and establish a salary range in all employee classification. 

Our scope of work:
  • Salary Benchmarking 

  • Grading & Pay Structure

  • Employee Incentives Scheme 

  • Total Compensation Analysis/Modelling 

Industry Exposure
  • Holding Companies

  • Retail & Distribution 

  • Entertainment

  • Trading

  • Construction & Engineering

  • Hospitality

  • Food & Catering

  • Leisure 

  • Manufacturing 

  • IT 

  • Services

  • Energy

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Resources & Infrastructure

Industry Exposure
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