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 People Technology Solutions

Transform your employee experience through  well-designed and useful HR Software & Application. 
Manage your HR Functions with ease from day one. We have basic HR Software to support SMEs and ERP Solutions that can be used for diverse industries and group companies. 

  • Complete Modern Features

  • No fee per user

  • No annual renewal

  • Centralised Access 

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On Deskstop Client Server 

Ideal for companies with limited staffing resources, start-ups, small, medium, and  large enterprise.


The system that helps you store Employee & HR Data from central point, manage payroll, facilitate basic access from one point of control and generate HR & reporting functionalities. 


If you want to start simple and efficient, this is the one for you! 


Contact us to schedule a demo or request for brochure.

Sustainable Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has emerged as a critical driver of business success in today's competitive marketplace. High levels of engagement promote retention of talent, foster customer loyalty and improve organisational performance and stakeholder value.

It is important part of HR to manage how people work. easily connect, engage, and  update  employees and make it easier for them to stay connected. 

Please contact us for more information or for demo. 


Cloud-based ERP 

We would like to empower the organisation and HR to have flexibility on solutions that would fit them better. We understand that as there is  a need for a more agile solution that can adapt to change brought by disruption and other factors. 

If you are looking into a  more practical  HR solutions, that will definitely fulfil your requirements, then you can speak to us. 


For more information and please contact us;

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