Human Resources Service Outsourcing

What We Do 

We believe that working from home (or anywhere else) will become an important part of how people work.  

This shift has allowed us to innovate on most of our HR Services.  With the use of technology, we thrive to deliver organised HR services efficiently through trained professionals,  and gear towards employee experience and happiness. 

Our goal is to provide effective advice & solutions designed to boost your business, enable your HR and Learning teams, and provide solutions on business areas involving people and work in the most practical way.  Our consultants work from start-ups to established companies with growth challenges in the region.   ​Our solutions and way of work are benchmarked on global best practice and can be tailored specifically to the needs of the business in order to ensure high performance.

When you outsource HR Services, you save costs of trials and wrong hire, and regulatory fees. You benefit from experience and advice, and you are certain that your HR service delivery can be provided from day one.


Below are the scope of work & services we offer;

  1. Business Starter (HR Setup & Visa regulatory compliance for companies with 2 to 8 employees)

  2. Business Innovator (HR Setup & Visa regulatory compliance for companies with 9-20 employees)

  3. Business Moderator (HR Setup & Visa regulatory compliance for companies with 21 to 50 employees)

  4. Business Accelerator (HR Setup & Visa regulatory compliance for companies with 51 and above employees)

We also provide retainer services and temporary cover for below functions (request for quote); 

  • HRBP/HR Generalist 

  • HR Administrator

  • HR Advisor

  • HR Manager

  • Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Head of HR/HR Manager

  • HR Strategy & Project Manager

Industry Exposure
  • Hospitality

  • Entertainment/Events

  • Retail

  • Marketing

  • Trading

  • ​Holding & Group Companies

  • Food & Beverage

  • Construction/Engineering/FM

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare

For more information please contact us below;