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E-management is an idea that emerges as the rapid development of Internet and e-business environment. E-management is an effective method for the enterprise to win competitive advantages or core competence. An e-enterprise is the goal and the result of a successful e-management.


To implement e-management successfully, we should take e-technology as precondition and e-source as foundation, in an operation mode of e-service, with the guarantee of e-speed, to achieve a goal of e-organization. In this paper, the connotations of related e-concepts are described in detail; the operation process model of e-enterprise and conceptual model of e-management are also built. (IEEE Xplore)

Since we are advocate of virtual platforms and the internet of things, we do our services with people in mind.  We provide support for products and services and utilise the use of technology in everything we do. We want to share this expertise to be available to international market. 


We have been working in HR for long time, we can support you in implementing HR systems, We do implementation and/or system integration to your existing process.

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We have consultants who can support you with contents that tells a story.  They are experts in marketing, and communications. If you are looking for effective contents, speak to us,

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To those who are interested to put up an online B2C platform,  feel free to discuss with us and see what value we can deliver. 



Social Media has been a part of people's lives and its influence to majority  is beyond questionable. Sharing/exchanging of information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks has been proven effective and  integral part of one's behaviour.  Our team can help you target this behaviour. 

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