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HR Center of Excellence (CoE) Programs

Are You an HR Professional? 


  • "HR Professionals  need to develop technical HR expertise and leverage it through key behavioural competencies. In advancing one's HR career—rising through the ranks in your own organization or positioning yourself for new opportunities—your leaders, peers and employees need to recognize and endorse you as a trusted and credible HR practitioner and business partner." (SHRM)

  • "Whatever stage you’re at in your career, you need a qualification that connects you with your peers and gives you the strategies you need to increase your knowledge and skills to boost your career and make an impact." (CIPD UK)

We identified that HR practitioners need professional support on their individual & personal development outside of their organisation. 


HR practitioners take care of the workforce as a job, but most often that their personal and career development are taken    fore granted. We are here to solution that. 


Our  goal is to help HR practitioners & professionals in mapping their professional development needs and advanced education programs.  We promote short in-house & international programs, learning courses based on international standards and practical knowledge – for them to stay relevant. We aim to support  them through development of competency-based HR programs.  We aim to promote HR Education that are aligned towards International business settings.  

We  support HR professionals to hone their potentials and support the development of critical competencies and continuous advancement. We understand that Human Resources as a career, demands both  knowledge structure and credibility  in order to perform effectively. We help them see through opportunities and learn from different best practice standards set by International HR Organisations and for them to be able to utilise and share this knowledge to organisations. 


We deliver HR CoE Programs

Business Presentation

Human Resources Center of Excellence (CoE) Programs 

 Advance your technical expertise with Human Resources Programs and keep yourself up to date...


If you are an HR Practitioner and you think you need to focus on specific Human Resources Area...



If you are new to Human Resources and you wanted to give HR a kick-start in short time making sure everything you are on right track...


Our HR & Leadership Masterclasses consist of virtual trainings or a blended learning suitable for the learner needs...


Our HR coaching segment focuses on helping managers address specific  HR issues and opportunities in their organisation. 


If you are passionate in training and educating others, we will help you to kick-start and provide you with the tools you need...


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