Total Employee Experience

Total Employee Experience has to do with employees' engagement or the feelings and emotional connection of employees to their company and their wellbeing.  


It’s the extent to which employees are motivated to work hard, how passionate they feel about the company and how invested they are in their work.   We offer this service to host engagement program in team building, dynamics, or annual recognition awards format and make it happen within our clients’ companies.

Engagement programs help organisations become an employer of choice and encourage employees to work towards the same goal as their companies. It is not simple and does not happen overnight but your company can build a reputation as an employer of choice. We can translate the company's vision and encourage everyone to actively make an effort to succeed and be motivated to achieve their goals. 

Total Experience (Engagement) Solutions


Employee recognition of performance and contribution needs to be recognised once a year.  It is a good morale booster to acknowledge contributions and all employees' hardwork...MORE 

Red Carpet


Survey is a tool to know what the temperature and what employees think that can be useful to the organisation in framing its strategy for growth and sustainability. MORE

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Working from home and staying away from social functions have been a part of work life during Pandemic period. Companies may need to look into bringing some fun and engage employees in person and even virtually. MORE

Virtual Team Meeting


Employee wellbeing can directly improve the mental and physical health of the workforce, with general health being linked to levels of productivity. A healthier and happier workforce is a more productive workforce.  MORE

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