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What We Do

We believe that to effectively develop, implement, and sustain positive change in the workplace, we support businesses in adapting to a consultative approach.   

In People Bureau International, we bridge the gap between the old and the new way of work so that companies can grow & transition smoothly to the future of human capital, and avoid costly mistakes in dealing with pain points.

Our long experience and love for modern approach have opened an opportunity for our team of HR experts - to influence leaders, resolve issues, innovate and impart knowledge to companies by providing effective HR Solutions, Advisory, Services & Products that will not only solve problems but will set company apart from its competitors. 

Our Services & Solutions 

  • HR Consulting & Service Advisory

  • HR Training & Development Programs

  • International Certification Courses

  • People Technology

Confident Business People


We believe that HR has become an important function that supports businesses during the time of disruption and an important part of how business grow. We offer support on people strategy, organisation, core HR Service Delivery, Leadership development, and Talent management...


Are you ready to onboard a more senior role in People Management? Do you need support and tools in leading others? We are happy to assess your professional development needs and your career goals as HR & L & D Practitioners, and find out how you can progress as an individual.

We are here to support your journey! 


We offer program development and learning interventions to employees and individuals in partnership with the leading Online Training Provider in the UK, ICS Learn.


This is the era of e-Everything and we know that that this is an area where the opportunities are many, however, improvement areas are still big. Since we trained in human interaction and behaviours, we  develop  platforms that perfectly integrate people operations and day to day HR transaction & employee engagement    

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