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Intensive Coaching (HR and L&D)  

Our Human Resources coaching segment focuses on helping managers address specific issues and opportunities in their organisation. Our HR Coach will help provide feedback to managers not only on their specific concerns and technical competencies but also on their personal and behavioural styles in managing & leading others. 

The HR coach will ensure organisational leader & managers reflect on how she/he handles a particular situation, ask hard questions and provide advice or explore more effective actions than the course of plan the manager opt to choose. 

Why this solution is Unique? 

This learner-centred approach allows combined experience and coaching methodologies to provide valuable advice and a 'walk-through', and help individual HR Practitioners in their challenges...
Asian Businesswoman
  • Unique methodology and usually    one-to-one delivery

  • Totally Virtual 

  • Confidential/Privacy Protected

  • Not only dependent on company but also open to individual themselves

  • Whether its GROW or CLEAR method, we have trained coaches and  HR experts that can help you on specific needs.

  • Learn at your own pace and flexibility

  • Guaranteed learning  

  • Earn certificate of completion

Is HR Coaching for You? 

If you are still unsure if you require coaching, these questions will guide you. If you answer YES to any of the questions then feel free to call us!




Have you just been promoted to People Management role and unsure on what  you can do to make an impact?

Are you leading or managing an HR team and you have been given a tasks, project, or deliverables and you do not know where to start? 


Are you aiming to land to a more senior role and you wanted to plan and prepare to get that promotion? 


Are you overloaded and packed with a lot of things to deliver in leading your HR Department and you needed guidance to manage? 


Are you launching any HR initiative, Organisation or Performance management plan and you have no idea where to begin? 


Do you feel that you need coaching and mentoring interventions in Strategic or Operational HR? 




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