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Employee Wellbeing 

HR professionals need to take the lead on wellbeing and engrain it within their people strategies to help create a workplace that works. This involves data gathering, engaging your workforce, measuring results, listening to feedback and improving your policies and practices. (Linkedin)

The future of HR has led organisation on a shift to focus more on Employee wellbeing and mental health, as such bigger chunk of HR practice is being aligned to employee experience.  Our team can help your employees on initiatives that foster overall mental, physical, emotional, and economic health of your employees.

We will help you with tools and  actions that will promote employees' good relationships with co-workers, employee decisions, tools,  and resources they can access and will be made available for them. 

For discussion, please contact us.  
Running in City
Tree Pose
Rock Balancing
Tai Chi Class

Featuring an 'app' that will allow you to connect to your employees anytime, anywhere...


Sustainable Employee Engagement
Online Workshop

SPOT Features 

  • Employee e-Folio

  • Employee Engagement Programs

  • Monthly Employee Evaluation (365 Days)

  • End of the year appraisal forms 

  • Micro-learning 

  • Reward with points 

  • Announcements & Notifications 


  • Auto-generated Birthday/Anniversary/New Joiner Cards

  • Event Card with Google Map & Calendar integration

  • Toppers List

  • Likes & Comments


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