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Courses (In-house)

Now learning is more convenient  at PBI's ready courses, learners will have access to more HR-specific courses. Subject delivery, content and resources are delivered online. This can either be live, where tuition is delivered at set times with virtual classroom interaction and online resources, or on-demand, with self-serve course content and resources.

01-HRG-Talent Acquisition & Onboarding Fundamentals 
This online learning course will provide you with fundamentals and techniques in modern recruitment. 

Duration: 1 Day   Mode: Face to Face  & Virtual  Date: June/July

02-HRG-UAE Labour Law for HR Professionals (UAE Only)
This online learning course will review principles of UAE Labour Law, understand regulatory process, implementation and enforcement of regulations, relevant to Human Resources and Workforce. 

Duration: 1 Day    Mode: Virtual

03-HRS- Technology & Analytics Foundation
This workshop will review different types of technology available for Human Resources and review the impact of technology in different HR Disciplines such as Applicant  tracking and Talent Acquisition, Digital Talent Acquisition, Video Technology, Performance Management, Employee Relations,  Engagement, Big HR Data and HR Analytics/Reporting. 

Duration: 1 Day     Mode: Virtual

04-HRG-Human Resources Fundamentals  (Level 1)
On this course, we will look and discuss the key elements of Human Resources and all aspects of the employee life cycle. 

Duration: 1 Day   Mode: Virtual

06-HRM-Foundation in Creating HR Strategy  
This workshop will discuss on why strategic HR management is important for a business' long-term success and how business can create clear, well-defined plans that will be put into action to achieve its goals and to align its business activities.  

Duration: 1 Day    Mode: Virtual

07-HRM -Strategic Human Resources   
This program is designed to help HR Professionals learn and retain the material effectively through peer discussion and utilize it to build people strategy that will be useful for their organisation. This course will also expose learners to high level discussions as they gain highly interactive,  virtual learning experience and equipped with processes and tools necessary to put your learning and  ideas into action.

Duration: 3 Days     Mode: Virtual

08-HRS-Compensation & Rewards Management Fundamentals
This workshop will discuss and analyse employee compensation and benefits best practice, policy-making, and trends applicable to the UAE industries. It will look into compensation and benefits with tangible, and  intangible rewards such as recognition, travel, learning, wellness, work-life balance and development, etc. 

Duration: 1 Day     Mode: Virtual

10-HRM-Coaching Skills for Managers
This online course will discuss how managers can utilise coaching to improve employee performance and drive results.  It will also review available techniques and steps to coach employees. 

Duration: 1 Day     Mode: Virtual

11- HRM-Powerful Presentation Skills -Visual Storytelling 
This virtual workshop will review the three major creative writing genres: short story, narrative essay, and memoir. Participants can evaluate techniques that good writers use to compose a bracing story, populated with memorable characters in an interesting setting, written in a fresh descriptive style. 

Duration: 1 Day     Mode: Virtual

12-HRS-Modern Recruitment & Behavioural Interviewing Skills
This virtual workshop will discuss  steps in selection process, criteria development and different interview styles as well as how to choose the right type of interview for the job. It will also discuss techniques in interviewing and assessing answers to the interview, and the formal/legal steps in preparing and issuing job offers. 

Duration: 1 Day      Mode: Virtual

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