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HR Policy Manual

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We can prepare your organisation's HR Policies Manual. You do not have to hire an HR Practitioner to prepare your HR Policy Manual for you. It will save you time and cost to have professionals work on it. Since we are all experienced in doing it, we can easily understand your requirements.

Employee Handbook

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Whether you want a new Employee Handbook or you want us to review your existing one so to make it make it relevant and updated, we can help you.

Organizational Structure

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We can assist you in designing your Organisation and draw your organisational charts for you.  Organisation structure allows you to align your vision to your human capital. You can understand individual functions of your employee and plan their development. 

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Health & Safety Manual

We can support you in designing and creating a Health and Safety Manual based on International Safety Standards such as OHSAS, IOSH, NEBOSH, HSE, etc.   Industries such as construction, government labor agencies, private companies, provide workplace health and safety manuals that contain potentially life-saving information. These health and safety manuals are a key tool in the ongoing battle against workplace accidents and injuries.

Performance Evaluation and Management

Performance Evaluation is a constructive process to acknowledge the performance of a non-probationary career employees. We can help you in setting objectives and parameters to successfully assess and measure your employees performance against this objectives. Also to assist you in setting development plans to manage actions that will improve employees performance in relation to his/her duties.

Learning & Development and Action Plan Assesments

Employee training and development covers multiple kinds of employee learning. We have training  programs that helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles. We can help you in developing your training programs, roll out internal training, and/or deliver soft skill training  that will enhance employees skills and develop their potentials.   

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